Pandemic impact on mental health : Dr. A.Singh

needs attention

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Bhubaneswar:The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected people’s mental health requiring medical and psychological support says Eminent Psychologist Dr. A.Singh engaged in counseling. “The psychological impact of Covid-19 has begun to show now after the physical side effects such as deaths,” says Dr. Singh. He further says, “Pandemic impact on mental health needs attention”.  Dr. A.Singh is the director of Psychological Counseling and Consultation Department of the Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar. Dr. A.Singh, who has been counseling people affected by conflicts, now treats people during the pandemic. He also teaches Guidance Psychology and Counseling in various institutes in India, besides working full time counsellor and consultant . Dr. Singh says much research has been done on coronavirus since it was first reported in November 2019. The mysterious virus, which apparently has five categories, has so far killed nearly 600,000 people world over.According to him, the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic have affected people at various levels. They experience fear or panic initially. If this is not treated by a physician, it could lead to intense shock, loss of speech, heart ailments, and brain damage.People also undergo mental agony if improper testing shows them Covid positive that forces them to stay away from society. One positive sign is that many people get healed from the disease, Dr. A.Singh told Odisha News . He wants people to face coronavirus pandemic with grit and immense hope. A positive disposition of mind is the first step needed in this pandemic time,” he added. Dr. Singh stresses the need for people to support each other to observe government directives. They should also spend time in prayer, meditation, yoga, exercises, dance and games. “One should manage time creatively and productively,” he added. 

Dr. Augustine Singh

Bhubaneswar, Odisha,India 

Whatsapp No:9438826226


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