‘being loved”

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The countless suns exhale – ‘love’ is like ‘truth’ is neither modern nor ancient but remains still unchanged as on the first day of creation. Love as a single subject has very many phases and the purple light of love in the words of Shakespeare ever shines in the verses of all languages and with life-long fountains of its exalted and innocent romance.


‘Silent Love’ has more charm, colour and spontaneity where words are less and emotions like a wool of romance so powerful yet so calm and expressive of a single human prodigal passion. Feelings do not need a language or a lyrical lore and what perceived our eyes, our lips and our face which is inbuilt by the Creator to express love with abounding emotions convey intense impact and deep reach. The words through the lips may go wrong sometimes but incorrigible silence expressive in its own way would never.

Love relationships are very deep-seated, serene and well expressive of all being silent. The strong, soothing feelings and emotions belaboured to its meaning as “love in the air” and this sublime feeling turn out to be ‘being loved” makes you more comfortable and respond to a heart or a smile.

It is too hard not to speak to the one you love. Neither could it be articulated through words, gestures, gifts, messages in ‘Whatsapp’ face-book or twitter that have no match with silence. Endorsing silence in love needs no validation but knowing the sense of understanding for each other otherwise the love ‘masters’ become love ‘disasters’.

Every person has its own way expressing love, kindness, pamper and the experiences they feel at every moment are altogether different in form and dimensions. Sometimes they discover that they are in love relationship, and did many things in silent that mean to say “I love you”.

A journalist clad in the busiest work of life intuitively fell in love with a beautiful girl to who he adored and admired. The love at the first sight at the microseconds leads them to the mainstream of life. Both felt as if the burden of life has been lifted and relaxed in their relationship without revelation.

Love is a unique feelings wrapped with the instincts of care and kindness. They shared very beautiful moments of life unconcerned, unnoticed. Gradually, the ways of silent love though transparent with new experiences pulled away and made a distant and blocked the path of silence to love. “Silent love is an oxymoron” the journalist retorted and quoted the famous poetic line of ‘Kavi Samrat’ Upendra Bhanja of Odia literature, which is worth mentioning:

‘Dūre thile pāśe achhi thibu ehā gheni
Kete dūre Chandra kete dūre Kumudinī.
Prīti abheda tāńkara
Jete dūre thile je jāhāra se tāhāra .’

‘Even far, I’m thy very near.
This always keep in the heart, My Dear !
Moon and Lily both are
from each other, away very far.
Still flows all the while
their love ever-juvenile.
For a loving couple, see,
the distance may whatever be,
hers is he
and his is she.

The undisputed silent love with dramaturgical shades is also depicted in most of the documentaries and feature films of late 60’s. The perfect timing of sequences of love in films like Moghul-E-Azam to that of “Dil se” and documentaries ‘Silent Love” with the essence of interweaving of melodious songs and choreography are itself sublimely beautiful. The transition from silent love to that of violent outburst of passions with most sensuous scenes, lingering caresses, and passionate desires are the characterised thought of love-making in today’s films that follows another leap and explosion.

A convinced champion of love could find the urge of ‘silent love’ in various stratus of life’s main stream. The birth of love in silence well up in youth to youth love in a steady gaze or a secret stare locked in emotion-filled eyes are seen today.  Silent love is avidly raised by the young and the old folks irrespective of their caste creed and religion at the beginning of a relationship. The ecstatic rapture is created in different components of life ranging from before marriage to that of aftermath of nuptial when composition words melt giving way to silence that speak voluminous interpretations.

Real life and love are inseparable. History is never an alien to the silent love of teen-aged girls and aged men wedding each other in love’s close embrace is retrospective of their platonic love that descended upon them. When love happens, friendship remains but love dominates. Similar embodiments are seen in time immemorial with the silent expressions of love that chirped in the lines speaking out the helplessness and love-nostalgic experienced by a young lass for her aged beloved:

“The Love has no arms close does it cling,

No life – but it’s hard to part with or spare,

‘O, time, blameth you not love”.

Silence is a source of strength that adds colours to life. It is a note of satisfaction that bestows on couples with an expression “I love you” rejuvenate thinking process and wonderfully human with trust and endurance making you feel the “presence” and endlessly happy. At times it is hard to put one’s desire aside and do whatever your partner wants making it unconditional, selfless and worthy of it. Love seems to be more platonic than earthly sensuousness, the kinds of love defined by the great metaphysical poet, John Done.

The silent love show, a quite communion has more understanding rather than uttered words, actions and humour. The solitariness of the silent lovers is a resilient to greater pursuits of life rather than the signs of withdrawal.

Genuinely, human attitude to love’s poetry crystallises from innocent romance and contain a measure of melancholy tenderness and poignancy, happiness and moral beauty radiated mostly in silence of their love infusing mood and rhythm, trust and truthfulness into each other’s love and pine. The labour of love and on love speaks:

“Stern is the law of love

Hard to abide,

As on keen naked sword

It’s difficult to glide”.